Ideas to Make your Website Look Nicer

These ideas are here to help website designer explore the different settings and colors when designing a website.

Use Whitespace

Give your website a breath of fresh air. Don’t overcrowd your page by nonsense widgets and ads. A clean website is all it takes to make a great impression to your visitors.

Here is a great sample from Fuelled – a business loans site in NZ.


Consistent Web Fonts

Be consistent when you are designing a web page. If you decide to use Arial for your font style, use it consistently in your contents. Using only one font style for all your text and contents is one way of showing you have a professional website.

See another example from Fuelled – business funding in NZ site.



Make use of CSS3 Gradient Backgrounds

These backgrounds can help web designers when it comes to web backgrounds. These gradients can work on your page layout perfectly. You can use it for your navigation bars and footers.

Update your Color Scheme

Make time to update the small color details of your website. Surprise your visitors when they see you made some changes to your color schemes.

Another screenshot from Fuelled – a finance company in NZ site.



Social Media Sharing

Use social media badges on your page. For example, Facebook provides codes that you can embed on your website for your social media sharing options. Nowadays, users do a lot of social media sharing all over the internet.


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